Saturday, September 09, 2023

A chance encounter with YDPA

It was after Friday prayers on 1 September 2023 at Surau Utama - or Surau Jumaat, or Masjid Utama - Istana Negara. I went there with my son and work colleagues.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Why I did my master degree

1. Long-time ambition since my 20s or 30s held back by financial constraint, unsuitable programs (location, research program only, etc), uncertainties about master benefits for me, etc and I accidentally happened to find out in end 2018 about UMT’s Master of IT by coursework program while searching for it and I just got to know during the first program briefing & class that I, together with my classmates and also other Master of Computer Science by coursework program students, were the first batch of the program 2. Got pissed off at work at the end of 2018 because due to resignation of 1 IT technician 1-2 months before, I had to hold IT portfolio again in addition to the existing Innovation portfolio which, realizing that I would be busier than ever (“sibuk gila”) having to handle IT matters again, made me want to become super busy (“biar jadi sibuk gila babi”) by furthering my master studies in IT 3. To “ITicize” my academic credentials because when I was young I had tried to apply for the post of IT lecturer at a few local public colleges and universities in Terengganu but was told that I could only be a business lecturer due to my bachelor degree’s BBA in MIS title 4. To pursue lifelong learning which was recently/newly enlightened by one of the lecturers during one of my Master of IT by coursework program classes


Bercerita tentang recent winning Oscar smack, dan aku tengok ada orang share kat media sosial tentang pernah kena tampar kat kolej/universiti dulu, aku pun nak cerita tentang aku kena tampar masa kat asrama sekolah menengah dulu. Pada zaman dahulu, selepas suatu riadhah petang, semua pelajar naik ke asrama untuk mandi dan bersiap untuk ke surau untuk solat berjemaah dan mendengar kuliah Maghrib. Aku dan beberapa yang lain tak sempat bersiap on time untuk solat berjemaah. Jadi, kami solat di dorm dahulu. Kemudian, kami pergi ke surau untuk kuliah Maghrib. Dalam perjalanan, kami akan melalui dewan makan. Aku dan seorang kawan nampak beberapa rakan-rakan kami yang minum air teh o di dalam jag di atas high table yang terletak di atas platform/stage atau pentas kecil. Air tersebut disediakan untuk guru-guru dan mungkin pelajar-pelajar terpilih yang akan makan malam di high table tersebut selepas Isyak. Semasa giliran aku dan kawanku minum, air tersebut sudah hampir habis di dalam jag tersebut. Malangnya, kami berdua kantoi dengan seorang guru yang mungkin sedang bertugas ketika itu. Guru tersebut berleter dan bersyarah dalam amarah untuk beberapa ketika sebelum penampar beliau hinggap di pipi kami berdua. Kemudian, beliau menyambung leteran dan syarahan sebelum menolak kami dengan kuat dengan kaki beliau memaksa kami mengundur turun dari pentas kecil tersebut. Leteran dan syarahan bersambung lagi sehinggalah kawanku meminta maaf atas kesalahan kami. Aku pun ikut minta maaf. Guru tersebut terus cool down dan melepaskan kami pergi. Di surau, aku merasakan salah satu telingaku sedikit berdesing. Apabila aku menutup lubang hidung sambil mulut tertutup dan menghembuskan angin/nafas keluar, aku dapat rasa angin keluar dari lubang telinga tersebut. Pagi Jumaat hari minggu besoknya ketika mandi pagi, lubang telingaku terasa sedikit pedih apabila terkena air. Aku masih bertahan untuk satu hari. Keesokannya, aku keluar outing hari Sabtu dan pulang ke rumah untuk memberitahu arwah ayahku perihal telingaku. Ayahku membawaku ke hospital besar kerajaan terdekat. Doktor yang merawatku memberitahu bahawa gegendang telingaku pecah sedikit tapi rupture tersebut boleh sembuh dan tertutup dengan medication. Doktor menyatakan yang kami boleh saman guru terbabit akibat insiden tersebut. Ayahku perlukan lebih masa untuk berfikir. Di rumah, ayahku memutuskan untuk tidak menyaman guru tersebut atas alasan aku mungkin akan dipulau di sekolah dan aku mungkin terpaksa tukar ke sekolah lain. Selepas aku kembali ke sekolah, sekolah mengaturkan pertemuan antaraku, ayahku, pengetua, penolong kanan HEM serta guru terbabit. Antara yang dibincangkan yang aku ingat berkenaan insiden tersebut adalah tentang tiada saman tersebut. Selepas itu, sekolah juga mengaturkan pertemuan kami sekali lagi tanpa ayahku. Apa yang aku ingat adalah salah seorang guru mempertikaikan keadaan telingaku. “Betul ke gegendang telinga pecah?” “Kalau pecah dah tak boleh baik.” Aku jawab bukan aku yang cakap tapi doktor yang diagnose. Alhamdulillah selepas beberapa waktu doktor yang merawatku mengesahkan bahawa gegendang telingaku sudah pulih bertaut kembali. Aku berdendam selama beberapa tahun dengan guru tersebut. Selepas itu aku sudah memaafkan beliau kerana aku sedar bahawa aku turut bersalah yang mengakibatkan insiden tersebut. Semasa mula-mula aku membaca dan menonton insiden Will Smith menampar Chris Rock yang sedang mengacarakan Oscar 2022, aku terus berpihak dengan Will. Kemudian aku merasakan ada baiknya jika Will bersabar. Walaubagaimanapun, Chris telah membuat a very bad, inappropriate joke tentang isteri Will, Jada Pinkett’s medical condition. Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa.

Saturday, August 14, 2021


All these years I had only many jobs but never a career. It's like only always playing with yourself or having fellatio but never experiencing coitus.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Who am I really?

1. Around the world, while everybody, fans and non-fans alike, continues to bash Radiohead's Pablo Honey, I have been enjoying almost all of its pop-song tracks then when it was first released and even now.
2. Initially, critics and fans loathed Weezer's Pinkerton so much but I loved it on my first listen. (Ironically, today it becomes a critically acclaimed album).

Who am I really?

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

How I got to know (& love) the head of Radio (Friendly Version)

It was 1994, or maybe the year before.  I was lying on my back on my bed in my hostel room listening to some tracks on my “walkman.”  My student friend from another hostel block dropped by and enthusiastically informed me that he just listened to this particular song that he thought would suit my rather self-proclaimed peculiar musical taste.  He told me to go see another friend, also not from my block, to have a preview of the song.  It was the first track on a compilation tape/cassette by EMI Malaysia.  And the song was Creep by Radiohead.  I “so very” loved it.

It’s “so very special.”
“I wish I was special.”

I also bought the compilation cassette.  Next, I bought Pablo Honey cassette in which the song was the 2nd track and immediately fell in love with the whole album.  It made heavy rotation on my “walkman.”  Then, came the 8-track My Iron Lung EP followed by the 1995’s sophomore The Bends album.  Both were superb to my ears!

The rest was manifested by My Radiohead Collection legacy.*

Unfortunately, I have yet to see them live and had regretfully missed one of their live performances during their 1997 OK Computer tour.  (Nevertheless, I still bothered to go out to grab the ticket despite knowing that I would not be able to attend.)

[* The cassette versions of the earlier albums were long sold to be replaced by the CD versions.]

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gray matter

Another grey single thread of hair found.  This third time was in the goatie, if not beard.  The first one was in that private & exclusive members only area.  The second one was in the nostril.  The telltale sign of old age.

Monday, April 03, 2017


Another late and a little bit dull SPM-related story. When I was in Form 2 or 3 during "Seni Perusahaan" class, while the teacher was busy writing the quiz questions on the blackboard, I was also busy looking for a few of the answers from the neighboring friends. Unfortunately, the teacher caught me doing so, i.e. cheating, but luckily for me, other than being shouted at, I was not further punished or penalized.
While taking my SPM results at school, that same teacher was also there in the hotter-than-usual room or class where the SPM results slips were being handed over to us and when he saw me, spontaneously he uttered to me that those who cheated would not be given their slips. Regardless, he or another teacher did pass me my slip.
Dear Cikgu Rahmat Omar, as far as I could recall, I did not cheat at all during my SPM exam... 😬